Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Year And A Day By Isabelle Broom

A Year And A Day 


Isabelle Broom

Three women. Three love stories. One city.

For Megan, visiting Prague with her friend Ollie is just business. Nothing more. Because if she admits the truth she might lose everything.
For Hope, this trip is a surprise treat from Charlie, her new partner. But she's struggling to enjoy the city when she knows how angry her daughter is. And that it's all her fault.
For Sophie, Prague has always been magical. And now she's counting down the moments until her boyfriend Robin joins her in the city that holds so many of their memories . . .

Thank you to NETGALLEY and publisher Penguin/Michael Jones for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved My Map of You and The Wedding Speech so I was really pleased when Michael Jones sent me this advance copy of Isabelle's next novel. 

This story is set in Prague and follows the stories of three women Megan, Sophie and Hope. Each woman has her own personal reason for visiting Prague. 
The first thing I noted was as in Isabelle's first book My Map of You, she describes the area for her books settings so well. Whilst reading My Map of You she had me wanting to jump on a plane to Greece to stuff myself with Moussaka, with A Year and a Day, she had me hankering after strudel - and lots of it - warm, cuddly, snugly jumpers, open fires and snow. I could almost smell the strudel, taste the honey cake and feel the frost on my nose as I read.
Isabelle definitely has a unique flair for throwing her readers headfirst into the places she is writing about and she bombards your senses with her vivid descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells.

The story itself had me weeping and me all snotty is not a pretty sight I can tell you! 
Megan is on holiday with Ollie. He is a primary school teacher on a fact finding tour of Prague and Megan is a photographer in the making. Ollie wants more than anything to be more than just good friends with Megan, but Megan doesn't think of Ollie in those terms.
Sophie is holidaying alone and waiting for her new Fiance Robin to join her. They met in Prague ten years ago and have returned every year since.
Hope is on holiday with her new love Charlie. Unfortunately Charlie became her new love whilst she was still very much married to her husband Dave, albeit very unhappily. Her daughter Annette spotted Hope kissing Charlie in the back of his driving instructors car and Annette has now decided that she wants nothing more to do with her Mother, which is breaking Hope's heart.
The three women end up meeting and sharing a drink in the hotel bar.

Hope feels very maternal towards Sophie, who is a waif like figure and Hope can see the blossoming love between Megan and Ollie even if Megan can't and all of the women come to some life changing decisions whilst on holiday.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Year and a Day. It is the ideal book to snuggle up with in the coming chilly nights with a cup of something warm and a huge slab of cake. Be prepared to laugh and cry though, so bring tissues!

Pre-Order here  Published on 17th November 2016